BlueSnap Reporting & Tools

Reporting API

BlueSnap's Reporting API enables you to retrieve data about the transactions in your account. You can then easily parse the data and pull it into your internal reporting tools.

Custom Reporting API

BlueSnap's Custom Reporting API enables you to create and run your own custom reports



3D Secure

Support 3D Secure to increase checkout security and prevent unauthorized transactions.

Account Updater

If you are storing your customers' credit cards, you can use BlueSnap's Account Updater service to stay up-to-date with the last card and account information.

Bank Directory

Use this tool to get a list of available banks for iDEAL.

Convert Currency

Use this tool to convert amounts from a source currency to a target currency:

Encrypt Parameters

Use this tool to encrypt Hosted Checkout parameters and Hosted Payment Page parameters, so you can then securely include them in the URL for your Hosted Checkout or Hosted Payment pages:

Hosted Payment Fields

If you would like to keep your PCI compliance requirements limited to the minimal SAQ-A level, BlueSnap’s Hosted Payment Fields are the ideal solution. Hosted Payment Fields are iframes that replace sensitive credit card input fields in your checkout page.

Payment Request Button

Use BlueSnap's Payment Request Button to start accepting wallets, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Retrieve Card Info

Use this tool to quickly verify details for a specific card number, including the card type and issuing country:

Secured Payment Collector

Use this tool to securely capture and tokenize your shopper's sensitive banking details for ACH payments while minimizing your PCI burden.


SEPA Direct Debit

Accept SEPA Direct Debit to simplify cross-border shopping in the Euro.

User Management

Use the following tools to enable your users to log into the Merchant Portal from your environment:

Single sign-on
After creating your user, use the Generate SSO Token API to set up your user to sign on with one set of credentials and gain access to multiple applications and services. This API generates the token that enables you to associate your user with single sign-on access to the Merchant Portal.
See Single Sign-On Overview.



Contact your e-support team (team who customized your merchant setup) to have them apply your principal role, so you can use this function.


Deliver frictionless checkout and increase conversions by accepting payments with the Apple Pay, Google Pay™, and Visa Checkout digital wallets.