customReport Object


Property NameTypeRequiredDescription
idintegerRequired in Update Custom ReportUnique identifier for the report.
titlestringRequiredReport title.

" & < > # / = ! \ ' ) characters not permitted.
infostringOptionalReport description.

" & < > # / = ! \ ' ) characters not permitted.
categorystringRequiredThe report category code.
columnsarrayRequiredAn array of objects representing the columns of the report.

Each object contains the following parameter:
name   string   Required   

For a list of applicable name values, refer to Report Categories and click the Supported columns link.


Property NameTypeDescription
idintegerUnique identifier for the report.
titlestringReport title.
infostringReport description.
categorystringThe report category code.
columnsarrayAn array of objects representing the columns in the report.