Build a Checkout Form

Learn how to create a basic payment form and set it up to use BlueSnap's Hosted Payment Fields
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Make a Payment

Process payments for cards, ACH, BECS, iDeal, PADS, SEPA, SOFORT and more. See API requests, responses, and code samples in several languages like Java, Ruby, and Python.
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Payments for Platforms

Embedded Payments is a flexible multi-party payment solution for all types of platforms
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Reporting & Tools

Learn about tools to help providing in-depth reporting and important information to optimize your checkout and payments processes.
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API Essentials

Learn about creating API credentials, Idempotency, PCI compliance and more
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Test Card Numbers

Here you'll find a list of card numbers you can use to test regular card transactions in the BlueSnap Sandbox environment.
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Here is some helpful information for testing your solutions once you’ve integrated to BlueSnap.
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Visit our guides for detailed information about a topic or solution.
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Get quick answers to common questions about BlueSnap account settings, subscriptions, payments, and more.
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Automated Accounts Receivable

Use AR Automation in conjunction with your current accounting system or as a stand-alone service.
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