BlueSnap's Android SDK enables you to easily accept credit card, Google Pay™, and PayPal payments directly from your Android app and then process the payments using the Payment API. When you use this library, BlueSnap handles most of the PCI compliance burden for you, as the shopper's payment data is tokenized and sent directly to BlueSnap's servers.



The SDK and a demo app are available on GitHub. Refer to the README file for detailed usage instructions.

The SDK includes a checkout form that enables easy collection of the required information for checkout without having to deal with validation of the card number and expiration date, or storage of sensitive information.


  • Use the out-of-the-box checkout form
  • Enjoy the minimum PCI compliance burden (SAQ-A)
  • Easily collect your shopper’s shipping information, if needed
  • Global checkout support with automatic support for multiple currencies
  • Support credit cards, Google Pay, and PayPal payments
  • Fraud support including Device Data Checks

Installation and usage

The SDK and a demo app are available on GitHub. Installation in Android Studio is just a single step. Refer to the readme file for detailed usage instructions.


Using BlueSnap in your Android apps

You can use BlueSnap for payments in your Android app for physical products (such as clothing), services (such as gym memberships), and digital content that is consumed outside of the app itself (such as songs that can be played on other music players).

When using BlueSnap (including Google Pay), in your Android App, you must adhere to the following: