BlueSnap's APIs support end-to-end subscription management, with support for multiple payment methods. You can take advantage of our award-winning Subscription Billing Engine to automate and optimize your subscription management, or retain full control with our merchant-managed subscription support.

BlueSnap Subscription Billing Engine

BlueSnap's Subscription Billing Engine empowers you to customize your recurring billing model, and then sit back and watch your sales roll in, as we optimize for greater conversions with built-in features like:

  • Account Updater to keep subscriptions active
  • Automated reminders for alternate payment methods
  • Automatic retries for subscription purchases several times during a grace period
    For more details about our Subscription Billing Engine, see Subscription Capabilities.

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Merchant-Managed Subscriptions

Manage your own subscription plans and recurring billing, and easily process the payments through BlueSnap.

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