BlueSnap is required to send the shopper's bank your statement descriptor text, along with your business's URL, phone number, and address. The shopper's card or bank statement will show your statement descriptor text, along with some or all of the other information, depending on the bank.


BlueSnap information may appear for pending transactions

Depending on the processor and the shopper’s issuing bank, there are instances where the BlueSnap company name and information appear on the pending authorization transaction. Your own selected descriptor should show in the settled transaction your shoppers see on their statements. We are doing everything we can to make sure pending authorization messages reflect the same information. If you are not using the default invoice and receipt offered by BlueSnap, we recommend adding the following note to your shoppers: “This transaction is being processed by BlueSnap”.

Statement descriptor format and content

You'll need to customize the statement descriptor to show your "Doing Business As" name. It should be a name that your shoppers closely associate with you. Showing this information on the billing statement helps shoppers identify the purchase, therefore reducing both returns and chargebacks.

The descriptor is shown with BlueSnap prefix and your support phone number, as follows:
[BlueSnap prefix][Descriptor][Support phone number]

For example: BLS*MerchantName8001234567

BlueSnap prefix: The prefix BLS* appears on all transactions.

Descriptor: This is the descriptor text that you define. The descriptor field supports up to 20 alphanumeric characters, spaces, and these special characters: & , . - #. We recommend you include your DBA (Doing Business As) name in the descriptor. You may also include your address, product name, or website URL in the descriptor.

Support phone number: The support phone number portion of the descriptor is either defined at the account level and is automatically included in the descriptor or it is dynamically changed per transaction. To set the support phone number at the account level, go to Settings > General Settings > Branding Settings in the BlueSnap Merchant Portal. To see how to change the support phone number per transaction, see below.

Account-level descriptor and per-transaction or per-subscription descriptors

You must define an account-level statement descriptor text, which will serve as the default descriptor for all transactions. For instructions on setting this up for your account, go here.

When using the Payment API, you can also define descriptor text dynamically per transaction by including the softDescriptor property in the cardTransaction, altTransaction, or subscription resources. You can also define the support phone number dynamically per transaction by including descriptorPhoneNumber in cardTransaction or subscription.

When using the Extended Payment API, you can dynamically define descriptor text or support phone number per transaction by including the soft-descriptor property or the descriptor-phone-number property in the order resource.