Contains the information required to process a transaction with an alternative payment method


Property NameTypeRequiredDescription
amountdecimalRequiredAmount to be charged in the transaction, including decimal points.

Note: The maximum limit for SEPA Direct Debit transactions is 24,999 EUR.
payerInfoobjectOptionalSee payerInfo.
vaultedShopperIdintegerOptionalID of an existing vaulted shopper.
merchantTransactionIdstringOptionalMerchant's unique ID for a new transaction. Between 1-50 characters. Special characters are not recommended.
softDescriptorstringOptionalDescription of the transaction, which appears on the shopper's credit card statement. Maximum 20 characters.

Applicable to PayPal transactions.
PayPal transactions
By default, the PayPal page will show the statement descriptor as the description of the product being purchased. If you prefer to show a different description, you can send it in this element.

Can be up to 500 characters.
currencystringRequiredCurrency code (ISO 4217) of the amount to be charged. See Currency codes.
taxReferencestringOptionalUnique ID for the tax quote. Refer to the Taxes guide for further details.
vendorsInfoobjectRequired for Marketplace vendors.See vendorsInfo.
transactionMetaDataobjectOptionalSee transactionMetaData.
transactionFraudInfoobjectOptionalSee transactionFraudInfo.
paypalTransactionobjectRequired for PayPal transactions.See paypalTransaction.
pfTokenstringRequired for ACH (ECP) transactions if you're using the Secured Payment Collector.Secured Payment Collector token.
ecpTransactionobjectRequired for ACH (ECP) transactions if pfToken is not included.See ecpTransaction.
sepaDirectDebitTransactionobjectRequired for SEPA Direct Debit transactionsSee sepaDirectDebitTransaction.
localBankTransferTransactionobjectRequired for Local Bank Transfer (LBT) transactionsSee localBankTransferTransaction
idealTransactionobjectRequired for iDEAL transactionsSee idealTransaction.
sofortTransactionobjectRequired for Sofort transactionsSee sofortTransaction.
authorizedByShopperbooleanRequired for ACH (ECP) and SEPA Direct Debit transactions.Value must be true.

Pass this parameter to indicate that you have obtained the shopper's permission to debit their account.

For ACH transactions, you must obtain permission from the shopper to debit their account, for example by showing a checkbox with the following wording on your checkout page. "I authorize this Electronic Check (ACH) transaction and agree to this debit of my account."

For SEPA Direct Debit transactions, you must obtain the shopper's acceptance of the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate.
becsDirectDebit TransactionobjectRequired for BECS Direct Debit TransactionSee becsDirectDebitTransaction.
acssDirectDebitTransactionobjectRequired for Pre-Authorized Debit TransactionSee acssDirectDebitTransaction.
productDescriptionstringOptionalThe product description that will appear in IPNs, emails, and the Control Panel.


Property NameTypeDescription
amountdecimalAmount to be charged in the transaction, including decimal points.
payerInfoobjectSee payerInfo.
vaultedShopperIdintegerID of an existing vaulted shopper.
merchantTransactionIdstringMerchant's unique ID for a new transaction.
processingInfoobjectSee processingInfo.
softDescriptorstringDescription of the transaction, which appears on the customer's credit card statement.
currencystringCurrency code (ISO 4217) of the amount to be charged. See Currency codes.
taxReferencestringUnique ID for the tax quote. Refer to the Taxes guide for further details.
vendorsInfoobjectSee vendorsInfo.
transactionApprovalDatestringThe date the transaction was approved.
transactionApprovalTimestringThe time the transaction was approved. This is in Pacific time.
transactionMetaDataobjectSee transactionMetaData.
fraudResultInfoobjectSee fraudResultInfo.
subscriptionIdintegerBlueSnap identifier for the subscription.
transactionIdstringBlueSnap identifier for the transaction.
paypalTransactionobjectSee paypalTransaction.
Relevant only for PayPal transactions.
ecpTransactionobjectSee ecpTransaction.
sepaDirectDebitTransactionobjectSee sepaDirectDebitTransaction.
idealTransactionobjectSee idealTransaction.
sofortTransactionobjectSee sofortTransaction.
refundsobjectSee refunds.