Vendor requirements

Initially, you do not need all your vendor's information to submit the request to immediately begin processing transactions; **however**, to fully board your vendor, you must collect all the necessary Know Your Customer (KYC), banking, and any additional required information from them, and submit to BlueSnap for verification.
payoutTypestringRequiredMethod of payout to vendor.
Possible values:

For details on each payout method and its applicability, refer these descriptions.
baseCurrencystringRequiredPayout currency for vendor's bank account.
Possible values:
AUD β€” Australia Dollar
CAD β€” Canada Dollar
CHF β€” Switzerland Franc
DKK β€” Denmark Kroner
EUR β€” Euro
GBP β€” United Kingdom Pound
HKD β€” Hong Kong Dollar
JPY β€” Japan Yen
NOK β€” Norway Kroner
NZD β€” New Zealand Dollar
SEK β€” Sweden Kroner
USD β€” US Dollar
nameOnAccountstringRequiredName on bank account for vendor.
Valid value: 3–140 alphanumeric characters
bankAccountClassstringRequiredType of bank account.
Possible values:
bankAccountTypestringRequiredAccount type.
Possible values:
bankNamestringRequiredName of vendor bank.
Maximum 140 characters.
bankIdstringEither bankId or swiftBic is required, but not both.Bank identifier, routing number, sort code, or BSB.
Maximum 35 characters.
countrystringRequiredCountry code of vendor bank.
Refer to Country codes.
statestringRequired if country is US or CAState & Province code.
Refer to State and Province Codes.
citystringOptionalCity of vendor bank.
Maximum 40 characters.
addressstringOptionalStreet address of vendor bank.
Maximum 60 characters.
zipstringOptionalZip/Postal code of vendor bank.
Maximum 10 characters.
bankAccountIdstringEither bankAccountId or iban is required, but not both.Vendor bank account number.
Maximum 34 characters.
ibanstringEither bankAccountId or iban is required, but not both.Vendor International Bank Account Number (IBAN).
15–31 alphanumeric characters.
swiftBicstringEither bankId or swiftBic is required, but not both.The Bank Identifier Code of vendor bank for wire transfers.
Maximum 50 alphanumeric characters.
minimalPayoutAmountstringOptionalMinimum amount for which a vendor may be paid out. If the vendor's account balance is below this amount, their balance is carried forward to the next pay cycle.

The currency for minimalPayoutAmount is the same as baseCurrency.

Note: We highly recommend setting this value to 25 or more to avoid payout delays and negative balances.
paymentReferencestringOptionalReference text that appears on your vendor's bank statement when they are paid out. If left blank, this is the standard message (i.e. "BlueSnap Payment {Payment ID} for Merchant {Merchant ID}"). Learn more.

Maximum 100 alphanumeric characters.


  • Not applicable if payoutType is ACH and baseCurrency is CAD.

  • If the bank account is located in the UK, the payment reference field cannot be used for Faster Payments, but it can be used for CHAPS.

refundReserveintegerOptionalVendor's Refund Reserve, which are account funds that are set aside (not paid out) to enable you to issue refunds even when the vendor's account balance is low. The Refund Reserve balance accrues from sales, and once the Refund Reserve amount is met, all additional sales are applied to the next payout.

The currency for refundReserve is the same as baseCurrency.

Note: We recommend setting this value to avoid having a failed refund operation.