Subscription & Billing Plan Errors

These errors can be returned in response to a subscription or billing plan request.

20026MISMATCH_SUBSCRIPTION_CURRENCYThe given currency must match the original subscription currency.
24001INVALID_CHARGE_FREQUENCYCharge frequency ${chargeFrequency} is invalid
24002MISSING_REQUIRED_FIELD${fieldName} is a required field.
24003INVALID_BILLING_PLAN_CONFIGURATIONBilling plan configuration provided is not supported. ${param1} cannot be used with ${param2}
24004API_CONFIGURATION_ISSUERequest failed. Please contact Bluesnap for assistance
24005RECURRING_PRICE_MINIMUM_LIMIT_NOT_REACHEDRecurring Price should be higher than 1 USD or its equivalent in the chosen currency.
24006PRICE_MUST_BE_POSITIVEPrices are always positive numbers.
24007INVALID_GRACE_PERIODGrace period value provided is not valid.
24008INVALID_TRIAL_DAYSTrial days value provided is not valid.
24009INVALID_MAX_NUMBER_OF_CHARGESMaximum number of charges value provided is not valid.
24010INVALID_BILLING_PLAN_NAME_LENGTHBilling plan name must be between 1 and 199 characters
24011CURRENCY_NOT_FOUNDThe currency provided is not found.
24013ERROR_IN_REQUESTAn unexpected error happened while processing your request. Please contact BlueSnap support for assistance.
24014NON_UPDATABLE_FIELD${fieldName} cannot be updated. Please create a new plan instead.
24015CANNOT_ADD_ELEMENTCannot add ${elementName} to a plan that didn't already have one. Please create a new plan instead.
24016INVALID_STATUSStatus provided is invalid
24017CANNOT_CREATE_INACTIVE_PLANCannot create an inactive billing plan
24018CANNOT_DELETE_ELEMENTCannot remove ${elementName} from a plan that already had one. Please create a new plan instead.
24023MAX_NUMBER_PLANS_EXCEEDEDMax number of allowed plans exceeded.
Remove unused plans or contact eSupport for help.
26001NEGATIVE_PAGE_SIZEPageSize cannot be a negative number
26002MAX_PAGE_SIZE_EXCEEDEDPageSize exceeds the maximum allowed size
26003INVALID_PAGINATION_PARAMETERSCannot paginate using before and after at the same time
90009SUBSCRIPTION_NOT_FOUNDSubscription was not found.
90010NON_OVERRIDABLE_PLAN_TYPEBilling plan type does not support initial charge.
90011NON_OVERRIDABLE_TRIAL_DAYSCannot override trial-period-days
90012NON_OVERRIDABLE_INITIAL_CHARGECannot override initial-charge-amount
90013NO_VAULTED_SHOPPER_FOUNDInvalid vaultedShopperId-${vaultedShopperId} :no vaulted shopper found with given id
90014NEGATIVE_QUANTITYInvalid quantity ${quantity} :subscription quantity should be greater than zero
90015INVALID_CURRENCYCurrency: ${currencyCode} is not a valid currency code according to the ISO 4217 standard.
90016INVALID_OVERRIDE_TRIAL_DAYSInvalid value ${trialDays} :override trial days must be a number
90017INVALID_RECURRING_CHARGE_AMOUNTInvalid value ${recurringChargeAmount} :recurring chargeamount should be a greater than zero
90018INVALID_INITIAL_CHARGE_AMOUNTInvalid value ${initialChargeAmount} :initial chargeamount should be a greater than zero
90019INCORRECT_PAYMENT_DETAILSrecurring charge failed because the payment details were incorrect or insufficient
90020MULTIPLE_CARDS_FOUND_NONE_SELECTEDrecurring charge failed because given vaulted shopper has multiple cards but none of them are selected
90021SWITCH_PLAN_ERRORFailure during the switch contract procedure
90022INVALID_DATE_FORMATExpected date format is YYYY-MM-DD
90023CANNOT_UPDATE_CANCELED_SUBSCRIPTIONPlease activate subscription before making modifications to it.
90032EXISTING_CHARGE_PENDING_APPROVALSubscription Charge creation could not be completed because this subscription already has a payment pending approval.