fraudEvent / fraudEvents

Contains information regarding fraud errors




The fraudEvents object is returned in the 15011 FRAUD_DETECTED error, which BlueSnap sends when a transaction triggers fraud rules. It includes these properties:

Property NameTypeDescription
fraudReferenceIdstringReference ID for the BlueSnap fraud check, in case further investigation or information is required.
fraudTransactionIdstringUnique ID given by Kount for the fraud check.
fraudEventarrayArray containing one or more fraud event objects (one for each fraud rule triggered by the transaction).

Each fraud event object within the fraudEvent array includes the properties described below.

Property NameTypeDescription
fraudEventCodestringThe fraud rule or threshold that was triggered by the order.

Errors triggered by CVV/AVS rules
AVS_ADDR_MISMATCH: AVS address mismatch
AVS_ADDR_NOT_VERIFIED: AVS address not verified
AVS_NAME_MISMATCH: AVS name mismatch
AVS_ZIP_MISMATCH: AVS zip code mismatch
AVS_ZIP_NOT_VERIFIED: AVS zip not verified
CVV_NOT_VERIFIED: CVV not verified

Errors triggered configurable thresholds
blacklistIpCountryDecline: Device IP country is on the Device IP Country Decline List
blacklistNetworkTypeDecline: Network type used by the shopper’s device is on the Network Type Decline List
blacklistPaymentCountryDecline: BIN country of the credit card is on the Payment Country Decline List
blacklistShippingCountryDecline: Shipping address country is on the Shipping Address Country Decline List
cardPtokVelocityDecline: Number of transactions with the same credit card in the last hour exceeds the Credit Card 1 Hour Count Decline Threshold
deviceFingerprintVelocityDecline: Number of transactions with the same device fingerprint in the last hour exceeds the Device Fingerprint 1 Hour Count Decline Threshold
deviceIpVelocityDecline: Number of transactions with the same device IP in the last hour exceeds the Device IP 1 Hour Count Decline Threshold
deviceToBillingAddressDecline: Distance from the device IP to the billing address exceeds the Device IP to Billing Distance Decline Threshold
emailVelocityDecline: Number of transactions with the same billing email address in the last 24 hours exceeds the Email Address 24 Hour Count Decline Threshold
highRiskDecline: Order risk score exceeds the High Fraud Risk Decline Filter
orderTotalDecline: Total amount (in USD) for the order exceeds the Total Amount Decline Threshold
fraudEventDecisionstringAction taken based on the fraud event code.
D: Decline
R: Review
fraudEventExpressionstringExplains why the rule/threshold triggered.