Idempotency Errors

Idempotency errors

When the idempotency-key header is used, BlueSnap may return one of the following errors:

60101SAME_IDEMPOTENCY_KEY_WAS_ALREADY_IN_USE_WITH_PREVIOUS_DIFFERENT_REQUESTThis occurs if there is an attempt to reuse an idempotency-key with a request different from the first request attempt. BlueSnap will respond with HTTP 422 status code [Unprocessable Entity].
60102REQUEST_WITH_SAME_IDEMPOTENCY_KEY_ALREADY_IN_PROGRESSThis occurs if a request is retried using the same idempotency-key as the original request while it is still being processed. BlueSnap will respond with HTTP 409 status code [Conflict].
60103IDEMPOTENCY_KEY_MAX_LENGTH_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDThis occurs if the idempotency-key header exceeds the maximum length of 64 characters.
60104INVALID_IDEMPOTENCY_KEYThis occurs if the idempotency-key header contains invalid characters. It can only contain Alpha-Numeric characters or hyphens.

For more information about idempotency, refer to Idempotency.