Contains information used for fraud prevention


Property NameTypeRequiredDescription

(Required if not using our Hosted Payment Fields solution)
Unique ID of the shopper whose device fingerprint information was collected on the checkout page.

Maximum 32 characters, alpha-numeric only.

For setup info, see Device Data Checks.
shopperIpAddressstringOptionalShopper's IP address. Should be a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address.
companystringOptionalShopper's company name. Maximum 100 characters.
shippingContactInfoobjectOptionalRefer to shippingContactInfo.
fraudProductsarrayOptionalRefer to fraudProducts.
enterpriseSiteIdstringOptionalSite ID configured in Kount for merchants on the Kount Complete solution. For more information, refer to Site IDs.
enterpriseUdfsobject OptionalContains udf properties for merchants on the Kount Complete solution. May appear multiple times within this object.

For more information about using UDFs for fraud prevention, refer to user defined fields (UDFs).
customerIdstringOptionalUnique ID for the customer

Maximum 32 characters, alpha-numeric only.

Passed to Kount as UNIQ parameter.
customerCreationDatestringOptionalThe date a customer was created.

Format options:
Date: yyyy-mm-dd
Date and time: YYYY-MM-ddThh:mm:ss

Note: Date and time can be passed in PST. If time is not passed, it will default to 00 PST.

Passed to Kount as EPOC parameter.