Retrieve Batch Transaction

Retrieve is a request that gets details about a submitted batch transaction, such as the callback URL, and the details of each transaction within the batch.



The retrieve batch call will not have an up-to-date status of each ACH transaction (approved or declined by the bank). For this information, you use IPNs or do a retrieve on a per-transaction basis.



You can test out a request that hits our sandbox in real-time. Follow the instructions here to use the "Try It!" feature on the right side.

Request Content

Enter the batchId into the web service URL, in the format:

For example:

Response Details

If successful, the response HTTP status code is 200 OK.
The response contains the retrieved batchTransaction resource (see batchTransaction) with the request properties plus these additions:

transactionCountnumber of transactions within the batch
transactionIdID for each transaction in the batch
processingInfoprocessing status for the entire batch and for each transaction in the batch


Request Example

curl -v -X GET \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Basic dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ='

Response Example

   "batch-transaction": {
      "batch-id": "567892",
      "callback-url": "",
      "transaction-count": "3",
      "card-transaction": {
         "card-transaction-type": "AUTH_CAPTURE",
         "merchant-transaction-id": "566",
         "transaction-id": "1029337513",
         "recurring-transaction": "ECOMMERCE",
         "soft-descriptor": "DescTest txn1",
         "amount": "11",
         "currency": "USD",
         "card-holder-info": {
            "first-name": "test first name",
            "last-name": "test last name"
         "credit-card": {
            "card-last-four-digits": "1881",
            "card-type": "VISA",
            "expiration-month": "7",
            "expiration-year": "2023"
         "transaction-meta-data": "",
         "processing-info": {
            "processing-status": "SUCCESS",
            "authorization-code": "654321",
            "transaction-region": "US"
      "alt-transaction": [
            "transaction-id": "1029337515",
            "soft-descriptor": "ABC COMPANY",
            "amount": "100",
            "currency": "USD",
            "payer-info": {
               "first-name": "John",
               "last-name": "Doe",
               "zip": "12345",
               "phone": "1234567890"
            "vaulted-shopper-id": "26818793",
            "ecp-transaction": {
               "account-number": "4099999992",
               "routing-number": "011075150",
               "account-type": "CONSUMER_CHECKING",
               "public-account-number": "99992",
               "public-routing-number": "75150"
            "processing-info": {
               "processing-status": "PENDING",
               "transaction-region": "US"
            "transaction-id": "1029337517",
            "soft-descriptor": "SepaPapi",
            "amount": "20",
            "currency": "EUR",
            "payer-info": {
               "first-name": "John",
               "last-name": "Doe",
               "country": "it",
               "state": "ca",
               "address": "blue lane 21",
               "city": "london",
               "zip": "45353434",
               "phone": "23123133213"
            "vaulted-shopper-id": "26818795",
            "sepa-direct-debit-transaction": {
               "bic": "PBNKDEFFXXX",
               "iban-first-four": "DE09",
               "iban-last-four": "7891",
               "mandate-id": "Mys229845",
               "mandate-date": "09-Mar-20",
               "pre-notification-text": "The amount of 20.00 EUR will be collected using SEPA Direct Debit with Mandate Mys229845 from your bank account IBAN DE09XXXXXX7891 in the next few days. Please ensure sufficient funds in your account."
            "processing-info": {
               "processing-status": "PENDING",
               "transaction-region": "US"
      "processing-info": {
         "processing-status": "COMPLETED"
      "_xmlns": ""

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