Understanding how your checkout design performs across devices is essential to maximizing conversions. A checkout process designed for a desktop might not be compatible with a mobile device - and vice versa. To combat this issue, BlueSnap offers responsive checkout options to work seamlessly with our APIs and Hosted Pages. Learn how to leverage our tools to design the ideal, responsive checkout.

API Checkout Design

Our Hosted Payment Fields are built on our APIs to give you a simple, secure strategy for capturing sensitive payment data, while keeping the shopper's experience local to your site. A localized UX minimizes checkout friction, especially on small mobile screens, because shoppers are never redirected to an external site or finding themselves navigating between browser tabs. Hosted Payment Fields are easy to embed and give you great flexibility in developing the look and feel of your checkout form, while limiting your PCI burden to SAQ-A.

Check out the video below for a detailed overview.
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Hosted Pages Checkout Design

Our Hosted Pages allow you to tweak your checkout approach through both mobile and desktop skin customization options, as well as the option to embed the checkout form in an iFrame for a localized shopping experience. Since your checkout form is hosted on BlueSnap, we take care of detecting the shopper's device type and location to display the appropriate form and payment methods, while you sit back and enjoy the lowest PCI compliance of SAQ A.

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In the Merchant Portal, you can apply your customized skins to desktop and mobile devices.

Prevent Fraud Across Devices

Design your checkout to fight fraud on any device. Device Data Collector is a JavaScript element embedded into the checkout form that collects shopper device data, such as browser settings, cache IDs, and operating system details, to track activity from these devices. These data elements allow BlueSnap to provide you with out-of-the-box fraud protection and reporting insights.

How to embed Device Data Collector

→ If you're using one of our APIs, simply embed the JavaScript element in your checkout form.

→ If you're using one of our BuyNow Hosted Pages, Device Data Collector is already built in for you.