Local Bank Transfer provides shoppers with an alternative to credit card payments. This payment method allows shoppers to initiate a transfer from their bank account to another in order to pay for goods and services. Details about the receiving bank are provided to the shopper during checkout based on the checkout currency and the shopper's address. Local Bank Transfer is supported for the countries and currencies listed in this table.



Local Bank Transfer (LBT) will be deprecated on September 30, 2024

Local Bank Transfer Transaction Processing

These are the main steps involved in processing Local Bank Transfer transactions:

  1. Create a page where shoppers can enter their personal information. Make sure to collect all the required information from the shopper. For the Payment API, refer to payerInfo for the requirements. For the Extended API, refer to shopper-contact-info for the requirements.

  2. Send an API request to BlueSnap from your server, with details about the transaction and shopper. BlueSnap will return the details of the bank account to which the shopper will send their payment.

  3. In the UI, display the details of the receiving bank account.

  4. Now it is up to the shopper to complete the transaction.

The transaction is complete when the shopper's payment reaches the receiving account. At this point, you are notified of the transaction and an invoice is created.

API Integrations

Local Bank Transfer transactions are supported in BlueSnap's Payment API and Extended API.

For the Payment API, see:

For the Extended Payment API, see:


Local Bank Transfer requirements

In your BlueSnap Merchant Portal, verify Local Bank Transfer has been enabled and is set to Show.