Catalog Errors

The following errors can be returned in response to catalog requests, such as Create Product, Create SKU, Create Custom Parameter, Retrieve Coupon, and so on.

COUPON_CODE_REQUIREDCoupon code is required.-
COUPON_NOT_FOUNDCoupon was not found.-
CUSTOM_PARAMETER_NOT_FOUNDCustom parameter was not found.-
INVALID_AMOUNTInvalid amount.-
INVALID_CUSTOM_PARAMETERThe custom parameter passed in the request is invalid.1000
MISSING_PARAMETER_KEY_OR_VALUEMissing parameter key or value.-
MISSING_REQUIRED_FIELDRequired field is missing.24002 or empty
PRODUCT_ID_MISMATCHUpdating SKU failed due to wrong product id.-
PRODUCT_NAME_REQUIREDProduct name is required.-
PRODUCT_NOT_FOUNDThe product was not found.-
SKU_NOT_FOUNDThe SKU ID passed in the request was not found.15007