Property NameTypeRequiredDescription
shopper-idstringOptionalShopper's BlueSnap ID.
seller-shopper-idstringOptionalUnique shopper ID assigned by the merchant.
credit-cardcontainerOptionalContainer of credit-card properties.
invoice-contact-infocontainerOptionalContainer of invoice-contact-info properties.
web-infocontainerRequiredContainer of web-info properties.
fraud-infocontainerRequiredContainer of fraud-info properties.
local-bank-transfercontainerOptionalEmpty field to indicate a Local Bank Transfer charge. Consists only of the tag.
paypalcontainerOptionalContainer of paypal properties.
authorized-by-shopperboolean Required for ACH (ECP) and SEPA Direct Debit transactions.Value must be true.

Pass this parameter to indicate that you have obtained the shopper's permission to debit their account.

For ACH transactions, you must obtain permission from the shopper to debit their account, for example by showing a checkbox with the following wording on your checkout page. "I authorize this Electronic Check (ACH) transaction and agree to this debit of my account."

For SEPA Direct Debit transactions, you must obtain the shopper's acceptance of the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate.
walletcontainerOptionalContains wallet details for Apple Pay and Google Pay™. See wallet.
sepa-direct-debitcontainerOptionalContainer of sepa-direct-debit properties.
ecpconatinerOptionalContainer of ecp properties.


Property NameTypeDescription
shopper-idstringShopper's BlueSnap ID.