General Errors

These are general errors that can occur in response to most API request types, such as general validation errors or server failures.

INVALID_API_VERSIONThe API version passed in the request is invalid.10000
INVALID_DATE_FORMATInvalid date format.-
INVALID_EMAIL_TYPEInvalid email type.-
INVALID_TRANSACTION_TYPETransaction type is invalid.7
MISSING_ARGUMENTSArguments are missing in the request.16001
SERVER_GENERAL_FAILUREA Server general failure has occurred.10000
STORE_NOT_FOUNDThe Store ID passed in the request was not found.15005
VALIDATION_CONFIG_ID_NOT_FOUNDValidation-config retrieval  service failure. Validation-config ID: ${validationConfigId} is not found.10002
VALIDATION_GENERAL_FAILUREThe resource passed in the request has violated validation rules. Additional information about the specific issue is provided in the error description.
From-date 'DATE' must be before to-date 'DATE'.
Date format should be dd-MMM-yy (01-Jan-01). Check input date fields and try again.
XSS_EXCEPTIONUser input suspected as malicious.11001
-The specified merchant does not exist.15006
-Seller name must be unique. Current seller name already exists.18001