Property NameTypeRequiredDescription
pp-cancel-urlstringRequiredURL where the shopper will be redirected if cancelling the PayPal purchase.
pp-return-urlstringRequiredURL where the shopper will be redirected upon completing the PayPal purchase.
pp-req-confirm-shippingintegerOptionalDetermines whether the buyer's shipping address on file with PayPal must be a confirmed address.

Values can be:
0: Does not have to be a confirmed address.
1: Must be a confirmed address.
pp-no-shippingintegerOptionalDetermines whether PayPal displays shipping address fields on the PayPal pages.

Values can be:
0: PayPal displays the shipping address fields.
1: PayPal does not display the shipping address fields.
* 2: If you do not pass the shipping address, PayPal obtains it from the shopper's account profile.

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pp-in-contextbooleanOptionalSet value to true in order to use In-Context PayPal checkout.
When set to true, PayPal will return a URL for In-Context checkout.
For more information, see The shopper experience with PayPal (Express checkout vs In-Context checkout).