Property NameTypeDescription
coupon-idlongID of the coupon in BlueSnap.
coupon-namestringInternal name of the coupon.
coupon-display-namestringDisplay name of the coupon.
minimal-amountdecimalThe coupon will be valid only if the order amount is equal to or greater than this amount.
usage-count-limitintegerMaximum number of times each coupon code can be used.
coupon-effective-datestringDate after which the coupon is valid.
coupon-expiration-datestringExpiration date of the coupon.
one-per-emailbooleanIf true, this coupon can only be used once per each email address.
apply-recurring-chargesbooleanIf true, this coupon is applied to additional recurring charges. If false, it is applied only to the initial charge.
coupon-discount-policycontainerContainer of coupon-discount-policy properties.
coupon-rulescontainerContainer of coupon-rules properties.
coupon-codes-infocontainerContainer of coupon-codes-info properties.