Property NameTypeRequiredDescription
Optional if sending shopper ID
International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

14 - 34 alphanumeric characters
bicstringOptionalBank Identifier Code (BIC).

8 - 12 alphanumeric characters.
iban-first-fourstringRequired if sending shopper ID and shopper has multiple saved payment methods.First four characters of IBAN.
iban-last-fourstringRequired if sending shopper ID and shopper has multiple saved payment methods.Last four characters of IBAN.


Property NameTypeDescription
bicstringBank Identifier Code (BIC).

8 - 12 Alphanumeric characters.
iban-first-fourstringFirst four characters of IBAN.
iban-last-fourstringLast four characters of IBAN.
mandate-idstringID used to identify the shopper's acceptance of the SEPA Direct Debit mandate.

Returned only in Create Subscription requests.
mandate-datestringDate (dd-mm-yy) on which the shopper accepted the SEPA Direct Debit mandate.
For example: "21-Jul-17"
pre-notification-textstringText for pre-notification email in English.

For example:
"The amount of 100.00 EUR will be collected using SEPA Direct Debit with Mandate BS141928 from your bank account IBAN DE09XXXXXX7891 in the next few days. Please ensure sufficient funds in your account"

Note: To get the text in another language, you may use the Get Pre-Notification Text API.
pre-notification-text-refstringGet Pre-Notification Text endpoint with transaction ID in query string.

For example:

Note: Specify the desired translation by including the language code in the query string.

For example: