With BlueSnap’s flexible payout engine, we support various payout and currency options. BlueSnap will automatically set your merchant’s payout based on the information provided on their application. As a platform, you do not need to do any additional payout setup.

BlueSnap currently offers 16 payout currencies. For the complete list, refer to the Like-for-like column in our Supported Currencies table.

Payout by Region

For details about payouts methods by region, visit our Payout documentation.

Refund Operating Account

The refund operating account contains funds that are set aside (not paid out) to enable you to issue refunds even when the merchant’s account balance is low. The merchant’s refund operating account balance accrues from sales, and once the refund reserve amount is met, all additional sales are applied to the next payout.

As a platform, when you are sending a merchant’s info to BlueSnap, you will be using the refundReserve parameter to set the amount for your merchants. Using the same API call, you have the ability to set the minimum payout amount by using the minimalPayoutAmount parameter.