Learn how to use BlueSnap's Payment API and our marketplace platform to split payments.
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Our Payment API gives you the ability to set up and manage a marketplace business and to split payments for any transaction. Payments can be split between as many as 500 parties, for both one time and recurring transactions, as a percentage or a fixed amount that can be overridden for each transaction. No matter how you run your business, we provide the APIs necessary to set up and manage the vendors selling on your platform.


The following terms appear throughout this guide:

  • Marketplace Merchant — You, the marketplace owner

    • You manage vendor onboarding, run reports, and send transactions for processing. You communicate all onboarding, payout, and reporting information to your marketplace.

  • Vendors — The vendors selling goods and services on your marketplace platform

    • Your vendors rely on you as their point of contact. Because they won’t have access to their BlueSnap accounts, and may not even know they have one, it’s up to you to control all communication.


  • Seamless vendor onboarding — Board new vendors quickly with BlueSnap to begin processing transactions immediately.

  • Comprehensive reporting — Keep track of vendor activity through our reports, which are available through both the Reporting API and Merchant Portal.

  • Simple payout — Leave the headaches of payout to us. We split the payment between you and your vendors according to the commission you define.

Marketplace Features

This guide covers the following marketplace fundamentals:

Get Started: Vendor Onboarding

Let's begin by learning about how to create vendor accounts and begin the onboarding process.

➔ Vendor Onboarding