Retrieve Merchant Application Data

Use the Retrieve Application/Customer request to retrieve merchant application data. This API can be useful if you don't store sensitive merchant application data on your own servers, but still want to access it.


This request returns the application data that was initially submitted.

If merchant account changes are made after the application submission, the updated data can not be retrieved using this request.

Retrieve Merchant Application Data Request{sandboxId}

Request Example

curl -v -X GET \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Accept: application/json' \ 
-H 'Authorization: Basic dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ=' \

Response Example

If your request is successful, you receive a 200 OK response from BlueSnap. The response contains the following:

    "sandboxId": 1107131,
    "businessInfo": {
        "businessName": "My Business",
        "legalName": "My Business",
        "productAndServiceDesc": "Description of products and/or services",
        "phone": "5555555555",
        "website": "",
        "businessType": "CORP_PUBLICLY_TRADED",
        "businessCategory": "SOFTWARE",
        "taxId": "770770770",
        "address": "1234 Main Street",
        "city": "City",
        "state": "FL",
        "zip": "12345",
        "country": "us",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "salesVolume": "100000"
    "bankingInfo": {
        "routingNumber": "123456789",
        "accountNumber": "123456",
        "bankState": "FL",
        "accountType": "CHECKING",
        "swiftOrBICCode": "123456789",
        "accountNumberOrIBAN": "123456",
        "payoutCurrency": "USD",
        "minimalPayoutAmount": "100",
        "refundReserve": "100"
    "ownershipInfoArr": [
            "ownerFirstName": "Chris",
            "ownerLastName": "Jones",
            "ownerDateOfBirth": "01/01/2000",
            "ownerGovID": "1111",
            "ownerPhone": "5551234567",
            "address": "1234 Main Street",
            "city": "Waltham",
            "state": "FL",
            "zip": "02453",
            "country": "us"
            "ownerFirstName": "Jamie",
            "ownerLastName": "Doe",
            "ownerDateOfBirth": "02/01/2000",
            "ownerGovID": "2222",
            "ownerPhone": "5551234567",
            "address": "200 Broadway",
            "city": "Happy",
            "state": "FL",
            "zip": "12345",
            "country": "us"
    "companyRep": {
        "companyRepFirstName": "Jesse",
        "companyRepLastName": "Smith",
        "companyRepDateOfBirth": "12/13/1967",
        "companyRepGovID": "1234",
        "companyRepAddress": "123 South Street",
        "companyRepCity": "Happy",
        "companyRepState": "FL",
        "companyRepZip": "12345",
        "companyRepCountry": "us",
        "companyRepPhone": "9555123456"
    "merchantAgreementsSign": {
        "serviceAgreementDate": "01/01/2019",
        "pricingAgreementDate": "01/01/2019",
        "merchantIp": ""
    "onBehalfOfConsoleAccess": "N"