Account Updater

If you are storing your customers' credit cards, you can use BlueSnap's Account Updater service to stay up-to-date with the latest card and account information.

Shopper card account information often changes due to card expiration, lost or stolen cards, and so on. BlueSnap's Account Updater service helps you stay in sync with these changes in order to:

  • Prevent interruption of customer service due to non-payment
  • Reduce customer cancellation by maintaining the payment relationship
  • Minimize costs associated with collections and with updating accounts manually
  • Keep the updating process transparent to customers


Cards stored in BlueSnap (i.e. vaulted shoppers) are automatically updated, so the Account Updater service is relevant only if you are storing cards yourself.

How to use Account Updater

To update card and account information via the Account Updater service, follow these steps:

  1. Send a Create Account Updater request with a unique batch ID and all of the cards that you want to have updated. The response will indicate whether the request was accepted or there were validation or formatting issues.
  2. The Account Updater process takes about 7 days to complete. About five days after you sent the Create Account Updater request, send a Retrieve Account Updater request with the batch ID that you provided in the Create Account Updater request. The response will include the status of every valid card that was sent, whether the number or expiration date was changed, or whether there was no change.


Account Updater is available for American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Please include only these card types in your request.

Account Updater Response Codes

500*The account number was changedSubmit the account number returned in the completion response.
501*The account was closed.Contact the cardholder for updated information.
502*The expiration date was changed.Submit the expiration date returned in the completion response.
503The issuing bank does not participate in the update program.Submit the original card information.
504*Contact the cardholder for updated information.Contact the cardholder for updated information.
505No match found.Submit the original card information.
506No changes found.Submit the original card information.

* Account Updater charge applies to these response codes