Encrypt Errors

The following errors can be returned in response to an Encrypt Parameters request.

ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD_REQUIREDEncryption password is required.
EXPIRATION_PARAMETER_REQUIREDExpiration parameter is required.
INVALID_PAGE_NAMEPage name is invalid or missing.
INVALID_SHOPPER_IDThe Shopper ID passed in the request is invalid.
MISSING_ARGUMENTSArguments are missing in the request.
MISSING_PARAMETER_KEY_OR_VALUEMissing parameter key or value.
NO_SHOPPER_FOR_SUBSCRIPTION_IDShopper not found for subscription ID.
PLAN_CHANGE_WITH_MORE_THAN_ONE_SKUPlan change with more than one SKU.
SHOPPER_CREATING_SELLER_MISMATCHSeller and shopper creating seller mismatch for subscription.
SHOPPER_ID_REQUIREDShopper ID is required.
SHOPPER_NOT_FOUNDThe Shopper ID passed in the request was not found.
SUBSCRIPTION_ID_REQUIREDSubscription ID is required.
SUBSCRIPTION_NOT_FOUNDThe subscription ID passed in the request was not found.
VALIDATION_GENERAL_FAILUREThe resource representation passed in the request has violated validation rules.