Wallet Errors

The following errors can be returned in response to a wallet transaction request or a card transaction using a wallet.

23001MISSING_WALLET_FIELDSWallet must include {field name} element

Note: Required elements are outlined here.
23002INVALID_WALLET_FIELDSThe value {value} in 'wallet_type' element is invalid
23003WALLET_PROCESSING_FAILUREWallet processor is currently unavailable, please try again later
23005WALLET_EXPIREDWallet ID {ID number} has expired
23006WALLET_DUPLICATE_PAYMENT_METHODSWallet id 321 was received with duplicate payment methods
23007WALLET_PAYMENT_NOT_ENABLEDWallet {wallet type} not enabled for this account
23008DUPLICATE_WALLET_RESOURCEYou are trying to create a duplicate resource with the following call_id: {callId}
23009WALLET_CLIENT_KEY_FAILUREAn error occurred creating the VISA_CHECKOUT API Key. Please try again and contact [email protected], if the problem persists.
23010INVALID_WALLET_PAYMENT_DATACould not retrieve payment data from APPLE_PAY
23011WALLET_ONBOARDING_ERRORUnexpected error registering to APPLE_PAY
23012WALLET_MISSING_DOMAINDomain is missing
23013WALLET_UNREGISTERED_DOMAINDomain was not previously registered with Apple

Register domain via [Onboard Apple Pay](ref: onboard-apple-pay-merchant) and try again.
23014WALLET_CHECKOUT_CANCELEDCustomer canceled the wallet checkout flow without completing the purchase
24012USER_NOT_AUTHORIZEDWallet onboarding details do not exist or are not accessible by this user