credit-card (resource)

The credit-card resource contains the details for a specific credit card, such as the card number and expiration date. It includes the following properties:


Property NameTypeRequiredDescription
card-numberstringRequired, if encrypted-card-number is not sent.Credit card number.
For example:
* 4111 1111 1111 1111
encrypted-card-numberstringRequired, if card-number is not sent.Encrypted credit card number.
card-last-four-digitsstringOptionalLast four digits of the credit card.
card-typestringOptional, if sending card-number or encrypted-card-number.

Note: If you do not send the card-type, BlueSnap will automatically identify the type based on the number. If you do send a card type but BlueSnap identifies that the card is a different type, the transaction will fail. You can check the card type for a specific number using the Retrieve Card Info request.
Credit card type.
expiration-monthintegerRequiredCredit card expiration month.
expiration-yearintegerRequiredCredit card expiration year.
security-codestringOptional, but strongly recommended for first-time charges.Credit card security code.
encrypted-security-codestringOptional, but strongly recommended for first-time charges.Encrypted credit card security code.


Property NameTypeDescription
card-last-four-digitsstringLast four digits of the credit card.
card-typestringCredit card type.
card-sub-typestringCard sub-type, such as Credit or Debit.
expiration-monthintegerCredit card expiration month.
expiration-yearintegerCredit card expiration year.
issue-numberstringIssue number on the credit card.