BlueSnap offers you the tools you need to help you manage your merchants:

Partner Portal


Partner Portal

Our Partner Portal is currently in private beta. If you would like access to the partner portal, please contact your BlueSnap Partner Success Manager.

BlueSnap Partner Portal is your new home for managing your account. Using BlueSnap Partner Portal you will be able to:

  • View all your application submissions
  • View KYC/AML document requests
  • Securely upload documents
  • Track the document verification progress
  • View processing data

The BlueSnap Partner Portal has 3 main sections:

  1. Request Center
  2. Accounts
  3. Reports

Request Center

In the Request Center, you can see all the applications that have one or more pending KYC/AML document requests in progress. To see what documents you need to upload, simply click on an application to view the corresponding document request dashboard.


On the Accounts page, you can view a list of all your accounts. This list will include accounts that are processing live transactions, as well as accounts that are still in the KYC/AML process. You can also see a customer's onboarding stage and their processing volume for the last 30-days.


All your reports will live on this page. Stay tuned as we add new report types.


Do I need to upload all the requested documents at once?

No, you can upload requested documents one by one.

After uploading a document, can I send an additional message?

Yes; in the Request Center you can send us a message at any time, and our underwriters will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What if am I missing an account from my account list in the Request Center?

The Request Center only displays accounts that have pending document requests. Once the underwriter approves all the submitted documents, the account will be removed from the Request Center list. However, you can always see a list of all your accounts from the Accounts page.

Where do I get my login credentials?

Once we enable the Partner Portal for your account you will receive an email to set up your own credentials.

What document types do you accept?

  • .CVS
  • .DOC
  • .DOCX
  • .JPG
  • .PDF
  • .PNG
  • .PPT
  • .PPTX
  • .XLS
  • .XLSX


Coming Soon

  • Processing and Payout Status Indicators
  • Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Chargeback Management

BlueSnap has partnered with Chargebacks 911 to facilitate chargeback management, provide you with comprehensive reporting and analytics, and allow you to have chargebacks disputed on your behalf. As a platform, you have the option of managing chargebacks on behalf of your merchants, as your merchants do not have access to the BlueSnap Merchant Portal. Learn more.

You also have the option of offering BlueSnap's white-labeled chargeback flow to your merchants. This way, each merchant will have the ability to manage their own chargebacks. The entire setup process will be automated behind the scenes, and no additional code is required on your end. Once a merchant gets approved, they will receive a white-label chargeback portal welcome email containing their login credentials and an access link to the white-label chargeback portal. Your merchants will not see any references to BlueSnap in the chargeback portal.


As a platform, if you prefer, you can integrate to our Reporting API within a few hours and consume all your merchant’s transactional data and reports that way. BlueSnap's Reporting API is a RESTful web service that enables you to retrieve data from pre-built reports and parse it according to your needs. Learn more.

Refund Management

BlueSnap supports both partial and full refunds. As a platform, you can issue refunds using our Refund API request.

Orders/Transaction Management

As a platform, you have the option to look up and locate any merchant's order using the Retrieve API request. Retrieve options vary based on the payment methods used. Find a few of the most commonly used retrieve requests below:

IPNs (Webhooks)

Based on your preferences, our team will enable various IPNs (webhooks) during your account setup so that you can remain up to date on your merchant's transactional activities. You can choose to receive notifications about new charges, refunds, chargebacks, and more. If you prefer to receive the recommended BlueSnap default IPNs, you can let your Implementation Engineer know during setup.

The recommended BlueSnap default IPNs include:


Find a full list of available IPNs here.

Fraud Management

BlueSnap has partnered with Kount for fraud management and prevention. BlueSnap Portfolio fraud prevention service is enabled by default for all merchant accounts. Alternatively, you can choose to enable our complete fraud prevention service. Learn more.