BlueSnap offers you the tools you need to help you manage your merchants:

Chargeback Management

BlueSnap has partnered with Chargebacks 911 to facilitate chargeback management and provide your merchants with comprehensive reporting and analytics. Your merchants will be able to manage their chargebacks through their BlueSnap Merchant Portal.

Merchant Portal

Your merchants will have direct access to the BlueSnap Merchant Portal, where they can manage their transactions, view reports, track their orders, and more.


As a platform, if you prefer, you can integrate to our Reporting API within a few hours and consume all your merchant’s transactional data and reports that way. Learn more.

Refund Management

BlueSnap supports both partial and full refunds. If preferred, your merchants can directly issue a refund within the BlueSnap Merchant Portal. As a platform, you can also issue refunds using our Refund API request.

Orders/Transaction Management

As a platform, you have the option to look up and locate any merchant's order using the Retrieve API request. Retrieve options vary based on the payment methods used. Find a few of the most commonly used retrieve requests below:

Your merchants also have access to the BlueSnap Merchant Portal, where they can view and manage their transactions.

IPNs (Webhooks)

During your account setup, our team will enable various IPNs (webhooks) so that you can remain up to date on your merchant's transactional activities. You'll receive notifications about new charges, refunds, chargebacks, and more. Find a full list of available IPNs here.

Fraud Management

BlueSnap has partnered with Kount for fraud management and prevention. BlueSnap Portfolio fraud prevention service is enabled by default for all merchant accounts. Your merchants have the flexibility to change their fraud prevention service level from their BlueSnap Merchant Portal. Learn more.

User Management

Your merchants have user management tools that give them complete control of creating and managing your users' accounts. Learn more.

Alternatively, as a platform, you can use BlueSnap’s User Management APIs that allow you to create and manage your users.

Partner Portal - Coming Soon for BlueSnap Dash™ Platforms