Alt Transaction Errors

The following errors can be returned in response to alt transaction requests.

10000INVALID_API_VERSIONThe API version passed in the request is invalid.
10000SERVER_GENERAL_FAILUREPrice is a negative figure.
10001VALIDATION_GENERAL_FAILUREThe resource passed in the request has violated validation rules. Additional information about the specific issue is provided in the error description.
11001XSS_EXCEPTIONUser input suspected as malicious.
14002GENERAL_PAYMENT_PROCESSING_ERRORPayment processing failure due to an unspecified error. Description will contain the error code and message sent by the processor if applicable.
14010FAILED_CREATING_PAYPAL_TOKENAn error occurs when connecting to PayPal. Please try again in a few moments or choose an alternative payment method.
14011PAYMENT_METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTEDThe selected Payment Method is invalid.
14016NO_AVAILABLE_PROCESSORSThere are no available processors for the specific request.
14034INVALID_PAYMENT_DETAILSThe payment details provided are invalid.
15008SHOPPER_NOT_FOUNDThe Shopper ID passed in the request was not found.
15012SHOPPER_COUNTRY_OFAC_SANCTIONEDOne of the shopper's countries was defined as OFAC sanctioned.
16001MISSING_ARGUMENTSReturn URL is a mandatory field for iDEAL and Sofort transactions.
16003MULTIPLE_PAYMENT_METHODS_NON_SELECTEDShopper has multiple payment methods, but none is selected.
17005INVALID_STEP_FIELDThe request step PLACED has already been performed for this shopping context.
20002MULTIPLE_TRANSACTIONS_FOUNDTransaction retrieval service failure. Multiple transactions found with merchant transaction ID: ${merchantTransactionId}.
20003TRANSACTION_LOCKEDTransaction {transactionType} failed. Transaction locked.
20020INVALID_ALT_TRANSACTION_TYPEInvalid Transaction Type.
20021MULTI_SHOPPER_INFORMATIONCannot accept 'payer-info' and 'vaulted-shopper-id' elements.
20022MISSING_SHOPPER_INFORMATIONECP transaction must include a 'payer-info' or 'vaulted-shopper-id' element.
20023MISSING_PAYER_INFO_FIELDSThis transaction must include a {fieldName} element within its 'payer-info' element.
20024EXPECT_NO_ECP_DETAILSECP transaction with Vaulted Shopper ID expect no ECP details, but an empty 'ecp-transaction' element instead.
20025INVALID_ECP_ACCOUNT_TYPEInvalid Account Type. Please insert a valid value.
20025INVALID_PAYER_INFO_FIELDSThe value in {fieldName} element is invalid.
20026MISMATCH_SUBSCRIPTION_CURRENCYThe given currency must match the original subscription currency.
20027PAYPAL_UNSUPPORTED_CURRENCYThe given currency {currency code} is not supported with PayPal.
20033IDEAL_UNSUPPORTED_PAYMENT_INFOCurrency 'EUR' in country {country code} is not supported by iDEAL.
20035SOFORT_UNSUPPORTED_PAYMENT_INFOCurrency {currency code} in country {country} is not supported by Sofort transaction.
24011CURRENCY_CODE_NOT_FOUNDCurrency code is missing.
90009SUBSCRIPTION_NOT_FOUNDSubscription service failure because subscription ID: {ID} cannot be found.
-MISSING_ARGUMENTSCancel URL is a mandatory field.


Return URL is a mandatory field.