BlueSnap Payment API (XML)

Easily start processing payments with our payment gateway API

The BlueSnap Payment API is designed for easy implementation and out-of-the-box global payment processing. It supports credit and debit card payments, ACH, SEPA Direct Debit, digital wallets, PayPal, and more. Design your checkout form and start accepting payments quickly.

About the API

This API is a collection of RESTful based web services. It uses standard HTTP features, such as HTTP verbs and Basic authentication, and can be used easily with any HTTP client.

These are the base API URLs for the BlueSnap environments:

For information about credentials, authentication and more, see About the BlueSnap APIs.

API web services

These are the core web services in the API:

See the full list of endpoints and requests in the left menu.


Need help getting started?
See the tutorials on setting up a basic checkout page and accepting your first credit card payment.

Android SDK

BlueSnap's Android SDK enables you to easily accept credit card and PayPal payments directly from your Android app and then process the payments via BlueSnap's Payment API.


BlueSnap's iOS SDK allows you to accept Apple Pay, credit card, and PayPal payments from your iOS app, and then use the Payment API to process payments.