Contains information about a specific recurring subscription charge


Property NameTypeRequiredDescription
amountdecimalCreate Merchant-Managed Subscription:
Required for ACHP/ECP and SEPA Direct Debit; optional otherwise

Create Merchant-Managed Subscription Charge:
Charge amount.
currencystringRequiredCurrency code (ISO 4217) of the amount to be charged. See Currency codes.
vaulted-shopper-idintegerCreate Merchant-Managed Subscription:
Optional; do not include if sending payer-info
ID of an existing vaulted shopper.
payer-infocontainerCreate Merchant-Managed Subscription:
Optional; do not include if sending vaulted-shopper-id
Container of payer-info properties.
payment-sourcecontainerCreate Merchant-Managed Subscription:
Required for payer-info; optional for vaulted-shopper-id
Container of payment-source properties.
soft-descriptorstringCreate Merchant-Managed Subscription:
Description of the transaction, which appears on the shopper's bank statement. Maximum 20 characters.
descriptor-phone-numberstringCreate Merchant-Managed Subscription:
Merchant's support phone number that will appear on the shopper's bank statement. Maximum 20 characters.
authorized-by-shopperbooleanCreate Merchant-Managed Subscription:
Required for SEPA Direct Debit
Value must be true.

Pass this parameter to indicate that you have obtained the shopper's permission to debit their account.
three-d-securecontainerCreate Merchant-Managed Subscription:
Container of three-d-secure properties.
transaction-fraud-infocontainerCreate Merchant-Managed Subscription:
Container of transaction-fraud-info properties.
transaction-meta-datacontainerCreate Merchant-Managed Subscription
Create Merchant-Managed Subscription Charge:
Container of transaction-meta-data properties.
charge-infocontainerCreate Merchant-Managed Subscription Charge:
Container of charge-info properties.
level-3-datacontainerOptionalContainer of level-3-data properties.
scheduledbooleanCreate Merchant-Managed Subscription Charge:
Value can be true or false.

Pass this parameter to identify that the transaction is a regularly scheduled event.
merchant-transaction-idstringOptionalProvides merchant-specific transaction information. 1–50 characters. Special characters are not recommended.
transaction-order-sourcestringOptionalIdentifies the order type.
The only option is MOTO  (Mail Order Telephone Order).
Any other option is ignored.


Property NameTypeDescription
charge-idintegerBlueSnap identifier for the charge.
subscription-idintegerBlueSnap identifier for the subscription.
plan-idintegerBlueSnap identifier for the billing plan.
vaulted-shopper-idintegerID of the vaulted shopper.
transaction-idstringBlueSnap identifier for the transaction.
transaction-datestringDate (yyyy-mm-dd) of the transaction.

For example: "2017-07-21"
amountdecimalCharge amount.
currencystringCurrency code (ISO 4217) of the charge. See Currency codes.
soft-descriptorstringDescription of the transaction, which appears on the shopper's credit card statement.
payment-sourcecontainerContainer of payment-source properties.
charge-infocontainerContainer of charge-info properties.
processing-infocontainerContainer of processing-info properties.
fraud-result-infocontainerContainer of fraud-result-info properties.
transaction-meta-datacontainerContainer of transaction-meta-data properties.
refundscontainerContainer of refunds properties.
three-d-securecontainerContainer of three-d-secure properties.
level-3-datacontainerContainer of level-3-data properties.
merchant-transaction-idstringMerchant-specific transaction information.