Marketplace Errors

The following errors can be returned in response to a transaction request involving a marketplace vendor or in a create or update vendor request.

14030REFUND_VENDOR_AMOUNT_NOT_SUPPORTEDVendor refund amount is not supported for transactions without a vendor involved.
14031REFUND_NEGATIVE_VENDOR_AMOUNTVendor refund failed because the amount must be greater than zero.
14034VENDOR_PAYOUT_VALUES_EXCEEDS_MERCHANTVendor payout values for frequency and delay cannot result in a quicker payout than approved for master merchant.
14035DUPLICATE_VENDORThe same vendor was included multiple times on a single transaction.
14036VENDOR_LIMIT_MAXThe maximum number of vendors allowed per transaction is 10
14037VENDOR_COMMISSION_EXCEEDEDThe total amount of commission for all merchants and vendors on a single transaction can’t exceed 100% if using % commission or the total amount of the sale if using a flat amount
14038VENDOR_RESERVE_NONE_DEFAULT_METHODReserve can be set only for the default payout method
14043REFUND_INVALID_VENDOR_REFUND_AMOUNTVendor amount is invalid.
14044REFUND_VENDOR_ERRORVendor refund amount params should be used when transaction contains more than one vendor.
14045REFUND_INVALID_VENDORThe vendor does not relate to specified transaction.
14047REFUND_NEGATIVE_MERCHANT_AMOUNTMerchant refund amount cannot be negative.
20050UNAUTHORIZED_USE_OF_VENDORUser: {Merchant's API user key} is not authorized to act on vendor: {vendor ID}.
20051VALIDATION_GENERAL_FAILUREVendor {vendor ID} has both commission percent and commission amount values specified in the vendor agreement. The vendor agreement must include a percent commission or an amount commission, but not both.
20052INACTIVE_VENDORVendor {vendor ID} is inactive.
20053DECLINED_VENDORVendor not approved for transaction processing.