Vendor requirements

Initially, you do not need all your vendor's information to submit the request to immediately begin processing transactions; however, to fully board your vendor, you must collect all the necessary Know Your Customer (KYC), banking, and any additional required information from them, and submit to BlueSnap for verification.

Property NameTypeRequiredDescription
namestringOptionalVendor / Business name. Maximum 100 characters.
first-namestringOptionalVendor first name. Maximum 40 characters.
last-namestringOptionalVendor last name. Maximum 40 characters.
emailstringRequiredVendor email. Maximum 150 characters. "+" character is not permitted.
phonestringOptionalVendor phone number. Maximum 30 characters.
addressstringOptionalVendor address. Maximum 60 characters.
citystringOptionalVendor city. Maximum 40 characters.
countrystringRequiredVendor country; refer to Country codes
Applicable if country = US or CA
Vendor state/province; refer to State and Province Codes
zipstringOptionalVendor zip/postal code. Maximum 20 characters.
tax-idstringOptional; do not include if sending vat-idThe company’s business ID number. For example, EIN in the US, Business Number in Canada, Company Number in the UK, etc.. Maximum 18 characters.
vat-idstringOptional; do not include if sending tax-idThe company’s VAT number. Maximum 18 characters.
vendor-urlstringOptionalThe main URL for the vendor's business (usually the one accessed by customers).
default-payout-currencystringOptionalVendor's default payout currency. If a sale occurs in a currency for which there is not an associated bank account, sale funds will be converted to this currency.

Default value is USD. Allowable currency codes listed here.

Note: Your vendor must have an associated bank account defined within payout-info.
frequencystringOptionalVendor payout frequency. Default value is Marketplace Merchant's payout frequency.

Possible values:

Note: Your vendor's payout settings cannot result in quicker payout than your own.
delayintegerOptionalVendor payout delay (in days). Default value is Marketplace Merchant's payout delay.

Note Your vendor's payout settings cannot result in quicker payout than your own.
vendor-principalcontainerOptionalVendor principal; refer to vendor-principal
payout-infocontainerOptionalPayout info; refer to payout-info
ipn-urlstringOptionalThis determines where the Payout IPN is sent. Enter the merchant's IPN URL if the Payout IPN should be sent to the merchant.
vendor-agreementcontainerOptionalVendor agreement; refer to vendor-agreement


Response contains request properties plus these additions:

Property NameTypeDescription
vendor-idintegerID assigned to vendor. To be used on all transactions involving this vendor
verificationcontainerIncludes information about vendor payout and processing statuses. Refer to verification.