Contains wallet information for Apple Pay


Property NameTypeDescription
card-last-four-digitsstringLast four digits of the credit card.
card-typestringCredit card type.
card-sub-typestringCredit card sub-type, such as Credit or Debit.
card-categorystringCard category, such as business or prepaid.
Appears only if relevant.
bin-categorystringIndicates whether the card is used for business expenses (Commercial) or personal expenses (Consumer).
bin-numberstringThe Bank Identification Number (BIN) on the customer's payment card. This is the first 4 to 6 digits of the credit card number and is used to identify the institution that issued the card.
card-regulatedstringIndicates whether the card is regulated.

issuing-bankstringThe bank that issued the shopper's card.
issuing-country-codestringCountry code of the shopper's issuing bank.
dpan-last-four-digitsstringLast four digits of device account number.
dpan-expiration-monthstringExpiration month of the device account number.
dpan-expiration-yearstringExpiration year of the device account number.