Contains 3D Secure details for this transaction


Property NameTypeRequiredDescription
acs-transaction-idstringOptionalTransaction ID value from the 3DS server.

UUID of 36 characters.
cavvstringOptionalCAVV: Cardholder Authentication Verification Value

Base64 encoded CAVV obtained from the external MPI.

If your authentication provider returns a CAVV, you must include it.

CAVV is mandatory for the following eci values: 01, 02, 05, 06

Also known as:
AVV: Authentication Verification Value
UCAF: Universal Cardholder Authentication Field
cavv-algorithmstringOptionalAlgorithm used to compute CAVV Value.

Only required for 1.0.2 Mastercard transactions.

Possible Values:
2: CVV with ATN
3 : Mastercard SPA algorithm
challenge-requiredbooleanOptionalPossible Values:
true: a challenge was required for this authenticaiton
false: frictionless transaction (no challenge)
ds-transaction-idstringOptionalTransaction ID value from the 3DS server.

UUID of 36 characters.
ecistringOptionalECI: Electronic Commerce Indicator

Applicable if using external MPI.

Values for different types of transactions:
Fully Authenticated Transaction: 02,05
Attempted Authentication Transaction: 01,06
* Non 3-D Secure Transaction: 00,07

Possible values for MasterCard: 00, 01, 02

Possible values for all other card types: 05, 06, 07
enrollmentStatusstringOptionalStatus of Authentication eligibility.

Possible Values:
Y : Yes, Bank is participating in 3-D Secure protocol and will return the ACSUrl
N: No, Bank is not participating in 3-D Secure protocol
U: Unavailable, The DS or ACS is not available for authentication at the time of the request
B: Bypass, Merchant authentication rule is triggered to bypass authentication in this use case
networkScorestringOptionalThe global score calculated by the CB Scoring platform.
reasonCodestringOptionalThe error code indicating a an issue with the transaction.
threeDSecureReferenceIdstringOptionalThe ID of the current 3DS Authentication. The current transaction is linked to the existing 3DS Authentication.
threeDSecureStatusstringOptionalPayer Authentication Transaction status result identifier.

Possible Values:
Y: Successful Authentication
N: Failed Authentication/ Account Not Verified/ Transaction Denied
U: Unable to Complete Authentication
A:Successful Attempts Transaction
C: Challenge Required for Authentication
R: Authentication Rejected
D: Challenge Required; Decoupled Authentication confirmed.
I: Informational Only
threeDSecureVersionstringOptionalThe version of 3-D Secure being used. Valid values:
* 2.2.0
xidstringOptionalAuthentication transaction ID

Base64 encoded XID obtained from the external MPI.

Example Base64 Format: c0VQamBaVGxicnlCS0lRdVo9WjE=


Property NameTypeDescription
authentication-resultstring3-D Secure authentication result.

Possible values:





For more information, refer to Authentication Results.