Retrieve Pay by Bank Transaction


Beta Feature

Pay by Bank is currently in beta and not suitable for production environments.

This request retrieves details about a past Pay by Bank (Open Banking) transaction.

Request Content

No content is required in the request body. Enter the relevant IDs in the request URL as a path parameter:


For example:

Path Parameters

Path parametersTypeRequiredDescription
{transactionId}integerrequiredUnique identifier of the transaction you want to retrieve.

Response Details

Successful requests return the HTTP response status code 200 OK and a response body that contains the following properties:

amountValue of the transaction in the provided currency.
currencyCurrency used to process the transaction.
payByBankTransactionSee payByBankTranscation.
payerInfoReturned when the shopper is a not a vaulted shopper. See payerInfo.
processingInfoStatus of the transaction. See processingInfo.
productDescriptionDetails about the product purchased in the transaction.
transactionIdUnique identifier of the transaction.
vaultedShopperIdUnique identifier for the vaulted shopper.


Request Examples

curl -v -X  GET \
     -H 'Authorization: Basic QVBJXzE2MTk2MjgyMzU0ODkyMDM5MTMzODc0OkFsdG9pZHMxIQ==' \
     -H 'accept: application/json' \
     -H 'bluesnap-version: 3.0' \
     -H 'content-type: application/json'

Response Examples

     "transactionId": "12345678",
     "amount": 100,
     "currency": "EUR",
     "payerInfo": {
         "firstName": "John",
         "lastName": "Doe",
         "country": "de",
         "zip": "12345"
     "vaultedShopperId": 87654321,
     "payByBankTransaction": {
          "payByBankUrl": "https://hostname:8444/services/fel/pbb/hostedpage?hpid=<hosted-page-id>==&invid=<invid-id>",
          "ibanFirstFour": "DE12",
          "ibanLastFour": "7890"
     "productDescription": "N/A",
     "processingInfo": {
         "processingStatus": "PENDING"

API Explorer

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